What to Expect When Moving into A Condo

What to Expect When Moving into A Condo

Don’t be mistaken, condo moving isn’t like any other moving day. When moving into a house, you can rent your truck and start unloading. However, with condos, there’s a middle man (a condo manager) that has to give the go-ahead for your moving day procedures. So, make sure you communicate with your condo building prior to the big day to ensure they’re ready for your arrival and to avoid any discrepancies moving forward. There’s nothing worse than moving in on bad terms.

Schedule A Time with The Condo Manager

As soon as you have your move in date, inform your condo manager. Some buildings have restrictions on the days and/or hours you can move in and this is something you certainly want to be aware of. After all, there’s no sense in paying for a moving truck on a Sunday if you can’t move until the Monday. So, plan ahead to avoid any inconveniences or extra charges, and only book your moving truck once you have a confirmed date in which can move into your condo.

Ask About the Utilities

Not all condos have utilities set up for your arrival. You certainly don’t want to be moving with no electricity, as this will likely lead to injuries or at the very least, delays and inconveniences. So, find out if you’re to arrange the set-up of utilities and take care of that prior to moving day.

Book an Elevator

Most condos have an elevator specifically for moving, others have an elevator they can put on hold for people moving. So, inform your condo manager if you’ll be using the elevator and they can schedule this for you. The condo building may have specific hours in which you can use the elevator, and this is something you’ll want to be aware of to ensure a smooth move in.

Inquire About Extra Moving Fees

Some condo buildings will charge additional, non-refundable moving fees. The funds are used to do the extra cleanup required after a move, to compensate for delays the other residences have to experience, the padding used in the elevators and the cost of supervisory staff. While the fee is usually minimal, it is something to be aware of to ensure an accurate moving day budget.

Find Out If There’s a Loading Dock

To make moving easier, some condos have a moving room or loading dock you can use for the day. This is something you’ll definitely want to be aware of, as both will come to you as a huge benefit. So, ask the condo manager about the details of your move. If they don’t have a moving room or loading dock, you may be restricted to which doors you can move in through. For example, some condos don’t allow for move in’s through the front door.

Ask About the Garbage and Recycling

After you’ve moved in and unpacked, you’ll have a plethora of garbage and recycling. Some condos have specifics in regards to what you can dispose of and where. Some will even give you access to the garbage facility room, and others require it to deter the garbage chute from being blocked. So, find out their guidelines on what to do with the trash, post move in.

You want to start off in your new condo on good terms with the manager, staff members and other residences. So, always contact the building prior to move in to ensure you’re familiar with any restrictions, rules, and procedures they require for move ins.