Estimates for storage facilities

Estimates for storage facilities

It is a good idea to obtain estimates for the cost of renting a storage facility from a number of storage companies in your local area before deciding which facility to choose.  You need to work out whether you have any particular requirements; for example, climate control is necessary if you intend to store items such as wooden furniture, photo albums or video tapes.

If you think that you will need to have regular access to your storage facility, you should look for one that is near to your home, is simple to get to and self-service.  You will also need to find a storage facility that allows you to have access to your particular unit as many times as you want at no extra charge. For storing items you do not need to have frequent access to or long-term storage, a full-service storage option would be best for you.

Rather than renting a storage facility that is larger than you require and ends up being partly empty, you should instead rent a smaller storage facility and fill it up as high as you can.  The storage company that would be best for you is one that comes with flexible terms and is willing to let you decrease or increase your rented space according to your requirements.  Of course this is the best case scenario and completely dependent upon capacity and availability which cannot be determined ahead of time.

It is also a good idea to find a storage firm that will let you terminate your contract at short notice and will refund any money you have paid for unused time.  Some storage companies may even help out when it comes to renting a truck to move your possessions between the facility and your home.