How to Estimate the Cost of Your Move

How to Estimate the Cost of Your Move

It is no secret that moving can be expensive. Many people have to plan months ahead to put cash aside for moving expenses. Thankfully, there are affordable options for easy moving, including many of the different options you have through Bekins Moving Solutions. When trying to estimate the cost of your move, there are a few particular different circumstances you need to take into account. We always want our clients to be able to feel comfortable and prepared when tackling any commercial or residential move. Here are a few easy ways you can estimate the cost of your move.

Where Are You Moving?

One of the biggest cost factors in any move is the distance in which you are moving. Obviously, making a move across the country will cost more than a move across the street. Not only will you have to consider the initial costs of the moving company, bit you need to take into account your travel expenses and expenditures as well. If you are moving due to work relocation, some companies may cover a portion or all of your moving costs.

How Much Are You Moving?

The cost of your move can vary significantly depending on the quantity, size, and weight of the items to be moved. If you are looking for a commercial mover, estimating the weight of your office furniture may be easier, due to the uniformity of many working areas, cubicles, and desks. However, if you need a residential mover, you likely have a lot of different sized and weighted items. You can reduce the cost and complexity of your move by ridding yourself of what you no longer need before your move.

Moving Special Items?

Some specialty items that require more care and consideration may impact the price of your move. Exceptionally heavy or sensitive items like medical equipment, lab equipment, or tuned instruments need a special touch. The additional experience necessary can come with a higher price tag, so take that into consideration. Bekins Moving Solutions helps countless clients move everything from couches to CT scanning equipment. Let us know what special equipment you need to be relocated and we can provide you with a more accurate estimate for your move.

Choosing the Right Mover

The price of your move can range depending on the moving company you pick. Some moving companies move based on the size of the truck you require along with additional services you need. Some moving companies base the price of your move on the weight of the items to be shipped to your new destination. Bekins Moving Solutions provides affordable moving solutions for families and businesses of all sizes. We make it easy to get a moving estimate.

To get a free moving estimate, just contact us online or call our moving experts. Dial (877) 594-1187 and let us get started on your next move today!