Essential Tools You Will Need for Your Move

Essential Tools You Will Need for Your Move

When you are moving, you would be surprised at how many tools you may need. Having these tools handy will often make the process of packing and dismantling much easier and faster. We aren’t talking about simple boxes, scissors, and packing tape. These are tools that you may have overlooked when you think about moving. Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to assist you with everything from packing, loading, unloading, and even long-term storage for your move. Even if you don’t choose us as your mover, we still love sharing great moving tips! Here are the essential tools you will need for your move.

Rip Hammer

Having a good and sturdy rip hammer comes in handy in any residential or commercial move. A rip hammer will help you to remove nails from walls much more easily. It can also help you to remove nails from moving crates, open paint cans, or hang pictures when you arrive at your new place.

Wall Spackling

When you are moving out of your old place, especially if you rent, you will want to fill in any holes left behind. Using a quality spackling material is an easy and fast way to fill in nail holes and leave the wall looking much cleaner. The investment of spackling is easily made back when you get your full security deposit back in your pocket.

Cordless Drill

Dismantling and rebuilding furniture for any household move is so much easier when you have a multi-bit cordless drill. With a screwdriver bit, you can quickly and easily take apart or build your furniture. No more sore hands from cranking an old screwdriver!

Plastic Sandwich and Freezer Bags

Stock up on a variety of sizes of sandwich and freezer bags. This may sound strange, but these bags are so useful for storing items such as screws and brackets when you dismantle your furniture or need to pack smaller items. Write the name of the piece of furniture that the parts go with on the bags and either tape them to the relevant piece of furniture or store all the bags together in one box. You can then easily see inside the bag and determine where it needs to go when you arrive at your new home.

Utility Knife

Ensure you own a quality utility knife, especially one with a clip. This will make opening your taped boxes so much easier, and this tool will also come in useful for other aspects of your life where you need a knife handy. Just make sure that your knife is not accessible to young children and that you always cut away from your body when opening boxes.

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