How to Enjoy your First Halloween in your new Hous …

How to Enjoy your First Halloween in your new Hous …

The best way to enjoy your first Halloween in your new house is to actually celebrate it! So, bring out the scarecrow, ghastly ghoul and smoke show.  You’re certain to make a good first impression with your new neighbors while also setting the bar for the block.

Take a Festive Family Photo

Not all Halloween celebrations have to be scary. Grab the kids, dress in some fall staples (red plaid shirts are always a hit) and snap a family photo in front of your new house. Not only will you have a new Halloween decoration to put out each year but one that can stay out each year.

Host a Haunted Housewarming

If you have yet to invite your friends and family members over for a housewarming, Halloween is the perfect time to do it! Send out some spooky housewarming invitations, ask everyone to wear their best costume and encourage everyone to come explore your new haunted house.

Take a Family Walk

The brisk, fall air makes it the perfect time to take a family walk. Trek through the piles of leaves found on your local trails or take an evening walk around the block. Check out how everyone else decorating their home for Halloween, and be sure to do it even bigger and better on your front lawn.

Explore the Local Fall Festivities

Whether in the city streets or just beyond, explore the local festivities happening during fall. From apple picking to fear farms, pumpkin patches and fall fairs, discover what your new area has to offer! This is also a great way to meet new people and to get friendly with your neighbors.

Decorate, Of Course

The best way to enjoy your first Halloween in your new house is to decorate it! String cobwebs from window to window, add some zombies, ghastly ghosts and spooky sounds to the exterior of your home, and it’s certain to put a smile on your face every time you pull up in the driveway.

Hand Out Candy

With the long to-do list that comes with moving, chances are you have yet to meet all your neighbors. Well, Halloween is the perfect time to do just that. All you have to do is hand out candy! As the neighborhood kids come to trick or treat with their parents in tow, be sure to introduce yourself and spark up a friendly conversation.

Have Weekly Movie Nights

The best time to watch scary movies is during the scariest season – Halloween, of course. Make it a weekly thing to catch up on the spookiest flicks of the season, from the classic Freddy Krueger flicks to Hollywood hits like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s certain to add a fright to your first Halloween in your new house, while also encouraging quality family time.

Turn Your Home into a Haunted House

If you’re really passionate about the scariest season of all, consider turning your home into a haunted house. As long as you have a front yard – big or small – you can give your neighborhood a spooky look at your new house, and they don’t even have to enter inside. Pop up some tents, place some boards, add in some smoke and play some sound effects; dress up in costume, recruit your friends and you’re ready to terrorize the neighborhood.

Celebrating Halloween is an excellent way to give your neighbors a glimpse into who their new neighbors really are. So, pull out those decorations and give your street a.