Efficiently Unpack your New Home

Efficiently Unpack your New Home

There’s no better time to sharpen up on your efficiency skills! Moving day is right around the corner, and it’s going to be exhausting, especially if you’re doing it all on your own. Without the help of movers, it’s all on you; all of the packing, lifting loading and unloading. Needless to say, moving day can be a long day, but the excitement is sure to keep you going throughout the day.
It’s when you finally unload the moving truck and step foot into your new home that the reality hits. Yes, all of those boxes have to be unpacked, all of your belongings have to be put away, all of the furniture has to be placed – and the list goes on. However, there are some tricks of the trade that will make the unpacking part of moving into a new home efficiently and significantly more enjoyable.

Think Ahead of the Game

The secret to efficiently unpacking your home is to know that it begins before the packing even starts. It’s all about organization. While it’s tempting to throw the kids’ toys from the basement in with the toys from their bedroom, and maybe even add the bedding on top, this will just make the unpacking process dreadful.
Instead, start by organizing all of your belongings per room. Set all the kids’ toys in the basement in a box labeled “basement, toys”, put all the décor in your living room in a box labeled “living room, décor” and separate your t-shirts from your sweaters, boots from your sandals and so on and so forth.

This little tip is often overlooked, but organizing and packing according to the room makes it much easier when it’s time to unload and unpack the boxes in your new home.

Don’t Pack What Doesn’t Need to be Packed

You’ll be amazed at how many items don’t have to be wrapped and packed into a box. While it’s important to pack as much as possible to ensure a smooth and efficient move, there are some exceptions. If all of the jackets from the front closet are going to be moved into the front closet of your new home, there’s no point in removing them from the hangers. Just gather them up, put them in a wardrobe box and they’re ready to be moved. The same can be said about folded clothes in dressers. Depending on the type of dresser, you may not have to remove the clothing at all. Instead, speak with your moving consultant. If they give you the go ahead, tape the drawers shut and move it as it. There’s no reason to unpack them only to put them right back in the same place, and this can save you plenty of time and effort.

Give Your Boxes a Rating Scale

You’ve clearly labeled each box with its continents and the room in which it needs to go. However, the labeling isn’t done just yet. An excellent moving tip to increase efficiency is to also give each box a rating scale.
Prioritizing your boxes makes the unloading and unpacking process significantly easier. If you label top priority boxes with a number 1, the movers will know that the box shouldn’t be placed in the back corner, underneath 10 other boxes.
Additionally, when the moving truck is unloaded and you’re ready to unpack the most important items, you just have to look for boxes with the number 1 on them.

Now, the secret to this moving day tip is to designate an appropriate rating scale. It’s tempting to say that all of your kitchenware needs to be unpacked immediately upon arrival, but it doesn’t. Instead, things such as the linens, bedding, cleaning products and tools need to be unpacked first to ensure the rest of the unpacking goes smoothly.

Unload in Order

With the proper labels on each box, the unloading process will also be much more efficient. The movers can look at a box, see where it needs to go and put it in the correct place. This is much better than having boxes for your kitchen in your bedroom, and your toiletries in the garage and so on and so forth.

Now you’re ready to unpack. Prepare to be amazed at how much time and effort you save simply by following these creative unpacking tips.