The Most Efficient Way To Move To A Remote Locatio …

The Most Efficient Way To Move To A Remote Locatio …

You’re finally packing up and achieving your goal of being an expat. Congratulations! This is an exciting time as you prepare to live the life many others only dream of. However, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure your move is as stress-free as your newfound lifestyle, and of course, efficient and cost-friendly. So, whether you’re moving overseas or to a secret island in the middle of the Caribbean, here are the tips you’ll need to know.

Leave It to The Professionals

Moving is stressful when you’re moving across the country; add in an airplane, miles of highway and possibly even a boat, and it can seem impossible to enjoy the process of moving to a remote location.
Hiring professional moving services takes the stress off of your hands, as they handle your move from start to finish. They do the loading, unloading, and transportation of your items, and you can even opt to add additional services, such as packing and storage if needed.

Using professional movers also ensures the move is done efficiently and properly. Since your belongings will be stored and on a truck for longer periods of time in comparison to a local move, they have to be packed and transported with extra care.

That’s also not to mention that professional movers know how to do international moves, and your Bekins Moving Solutions specialist can help you determine which type of paperwork you need to get your items across borders, an accurate estimate of how long the move will take, etc.

So, if nothing else, leave it to the pros. You’ll be thankful you did.

Be Extremely Selective

There are very few things worse than arriving in a remote location, sans your belongings. So now that you have decided on using professional moving services, it’s absolutely imperative to be extremely selective with the company you choose. While there are many factors that could delay the arrival of your items, the risk decreases when you opt for a reputable moving company.

For example, Bekins Moving Solutions trucks undergo rigorous testing and maintenance to ensure they’re in top working order to avoid any breakdowns or delays.

Be Aware of the Prohibited Items

While moving companies can move the majority of your items, there are some that are prohibited such as plants, flammables, chemicals, etc. This is information you’ll certainly want to be aware of prior to packing your boxes to avoid any shipment delays or discrepancies.

You also need to be aware of items moving companies can move, but that aren’t allowed to cross the borders your belongings will go through. This is one of the major benefits to using Bekins Moving Solutions, as the specialist provided to you will help you determine the borders that will be used and the items that can’t go through them.

Donate, Sell or Store as Much As You Can

The price, efficiently and duration of a move highly depends on the weight of your items and since you’ll be moving to a remote location, it may be within your best interest to move as little as possible and to buy new items, such as furniture and décor, upon arrival.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your items which you certainly won’t want to do if your move is temporary and will need your belongings once you’re back home. So, store your prized possessions in a storage unit instead. It’s a cost-effective option that allows you to keep all of the items you love or will need in the future, without having to pay to ship them to and from a remote location.

If you’re ready to have a stress-free, efficient move to a remote location, Bekins Moving Solutions is what you need.