Eco-Friendly Packing Options

Eco-Friendly Packing Options

Moving takes a lot of paper and plastic, and in the end, you have a lot of trash and waste. It may seem impossible to make your move eco-friendly. Thankfully, there have been several breakthroughs, creations, and inventions in the realm of environmentally friendly moving. At Bekins Moving Solutions, we believe that we should try and minimize our environmental impact wherever possible. We urge you to seek out sustainable green options for your move. Not only are many of these options better for our planet, but they also can do a fantastic job at protecting your items throughout your move. If you would like assistance in your packing process, contact our office today at [phone].

Compostable & Biodegradable Boxes

Moving boxes are still the most efficient way to transport your belongings. While there is no getting around the need for moving boxes, there are compostable and biodegradable boxes made from sustainable materials on the market. Several box companies boast environmentally friendly and recycled materials as the basis of their box manufacturing processes. If you are purchasing boxes on your own, ask if the boxes and packing materials are biodegradable and made from recycled cardboard. Always make sure to recycle, up-cycle, or reuse your boxes after your move!

Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

Some moving companies have started offering reusable plastic moving boxes instead of the traditional cardboard. These rentable boxes do a fantastic job at protecting even the most fragile of items. Many box designs allow them to be easily stacked and even lock into place, so they don’t shift during transport. Another benefit is you aren’t left with piles of empty boxes after your move. When you are done unpacking, just call the moving company, and they will be removed quickly.

Recycled Packing Materials

Everyone has been in the position of being left with mounds of trash and leftover packing materials after a move. Recycled packing materials can be processed and reused again and again. Many companies in the industry offer 100% recycled packing paper, biodegradable packing peanuts, and even recycled packing tape. By utilizing recycled material, you are lowering your overall environmental impact and doing your part to protect the planet.

Geami Paper

This type of recycled die-cut paper is a great alternative to plastic bubble wrap. This cushioned wrap provides exceptional protection while being one of the most eco-friendly options for packing. Many companies use completely sustainable sources of paper, so you can rest easy that it is safe for the environment. Geami paper can be easily and quickly molded to fit any shaped object. Even better yet, it is incredibly affordable. Consider using this eco-friendly packing option for your next move!

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