DIY Advice for moving an office

DIY Advice for moving an office

It should be the responsibility of each individual head of department or section to make sure that the staff members who operate under them are able to follow these instructions to make sure that as little time as possible is lost when preparing to move an office.

Every employee needs to be responsible for their own preliminary packing for the relocation.  In order to help with this task, there are a few tips for packing and marking outlined below.

Packing and unpacking will be performed by office personnel under normal circumstances, unless they are specifically told otherwise.  It is crucial that only people who are directly involved with the move are present when it actually takes place.

When it comes to packing, one good piece of advice is to use one-piece self-locking cardboard moving cartons or one-piece recyclable polystyrene rental crates.  Make sure that you have been given training on the correct way to pack and stack such crates or how to assemble the cardboard moving cartons.  Both have their own advantages in certain situations, although rental crates are often best when it comes to speed of moving and being easy to pack.

It will be necessary for all of the desks in the office to be emptied.  Loose items such as paper clips and pencils should be placed in sealed envelopes, while books, letter trays, current working papers and other items that have been placed on the top of the desks should be packed in cartons.

Gene Salaz