Downtown Rocky Rococo to move to former Quiznos Su …

Downtown Rocky Rococo to move to former Quiznos Su …

The Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta Restaurant, which is situated at 125 South Fourth Street in downtown La Crosse, is set to up stakes for a whole new location.

The restaurant is all set to make a move to the old Quiznos Sub space, which is at 40 Copeland Avenue in the Three Rivers Plaza.  The move is expected to take place on or around May 1st this year.  The Three Rivers Plaza was one of four Quiznos Sub outlets that unexpectedly closed on and around October 1st of last year.

“We’ve always wanted to be in that space, even prior to the opening of Quiznos seven years ago back in 2006,” claims one of the partners in Quality Pizza Inc, Roger Brown.  “We couldn’t get it together to do it then.” Quality Pizza is the trading name of the franchisee that owns the three Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta Restaurant outlets in Onalaska and La Crosse.

Although there are a multitude of good reasons for making a move, the primary motivation behind the relocation is that the new location comes complete with a drive-thru facility, which is an advantage  that the downtown location does not have.  “That’s a nice piece of business for us,” Brown observes.

Brown also pointed out that the new location will offer Rocky Rococo Pizza and Restaurant customers better facilities, such as parking, in addition to its other attractions.

Gene Salaz