Downsizing to an apartment?

Downsizing to an apartment?

Not everyone wants to move to a bigger house each time; in fact, downsizing is becoming increasingly popular and there are large numbers of people leaving behind their houses and moving into apartments.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some people want a smaller property once their children have left home or when they are retiring, and others simply want to move to a smaller place for financial reasons. Whatever the motivation, it is not an easy decision to make and there is a lot to plan when you downsize your home.

First of all, you may need to get rid of a lot of your things. This is more than your standard decluttering operation – if you are moving from a four-bed property to a two-bed property then there is likely to be a lot of furniture that is going to have to go. Take a good luck at everything you have long before you bring the movers in and start to get rid of your unwanted possessions early on. Your packing here will have to be ruthless.

Secondly, you might find the process quite stressful. Keep in mind the reasons you are doing this and remind yourself regularly that this house move is about a new life. Think about the weekends that you do not have to spend tidying up the yard and the free time that this is going to bring for you to do other things. Being able to leave chores behind when you move can only be a bonus.