Dos and don’ts of storage

Making use of a storage facility is a superb option when it comes to storing numerous different types of items from your home or business.  A storage facility is often thought of as something of a second garage or even a business supply room.  When you are deciding what you should store in your storage facility, whether for business or personal purposes, you need to be aware that storage facilities operate under strict guidelines as to what you will be allowed to store there. 

There are also distinct differences in a types of storage facilities such as full-service storage warehouses, climate-controlled facilities, self-services, etc.  These guidelines are there for your protection, the protection of your goods, the protection of other customers and their belongings, and for the safety of the people who work there. 

You will need to sign a lease to confirm that you understand and have agreed to abide by the rules that govern what items are and are not allowed to be placed into storage. Generally speaking, any item that is considered to be inherently dangerous will not be able to be placed in a storage facility.  When you are preparing to use such a facility, you need to make out a preliminary list of the possessions that you intend to place in storage. You should take this list with you in order to discuss it with the manager of the storage company to make certain that the items concerned fully comply with the list of things that are allowed to be placed into a storage facility.