Don’t panic on moving day

Don’t panic on moving day

The day of the move has arrived.  Everything has been perfectly planned down to the smallest detail, you have completed all your assigned tasks and are now ready for the moving company to arrive; however, what happens if your moving company is running late and your schedule is thrown off?

Many people might start to panic at this point, but you need to keep a clear head and not allow the big day to degenerate into chaos.  You are the person who has organized the move and your moving company, along with any friends or family members you have roped in to assist you, will take their cue from you with regard to how the rest of the day will play out.

Forward planning and organization are excellent ways to avoid panic, but handling challenges on the actual day of the move itself is crucial.  One good tip is to have accepted beforehand that the day will probably not go completely smoothly.  Moving day always throws up an unexpected challenge or two; therefore, if you accept this beforehand, you will find it a lot easier to cope when something does go wrong.

It is important to make sure that you the goals you have given yourself are realistic ones.  Putting unrealistic pressure on yourself and then panicking when something goes wrong is only going to make the situation worse.  It is also a good idea to take a break occasionally and remember to eat at the appropriate times, as skipping meals because you are off schedule will only make you more stressed and fatigued.