Don’t Forget These Things When Moving Office Loc …

Don’t Forget These Things When Moving Office Loc …

Relocating an office seems easy enough. You pack up your belongings, hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting, unpack and settle into your new location. But, trust us, there’s much more to a commercial move than bubble wrap and boxes. Don’t forget these important tasks that must be completed when moving office locations.

Update all Your Social Media Accounts

Let’s start with a task that will be easy to complete since you’re likely on social media several times throughout the day anyway. With a new office location comes a new address and possibly a new phone number, and it’s imperative to update all of your social media accounts with the new information.

However, it can be hard to stay on top of all the social media platforms your company has. So, start making a list of the online platforms your company uses that will need to be updated. If social media isn’t your realm of expertise, ask your marketing department or social media marketer to ensure all platforms have the new contact information so you don’t miss out on any leads during the transition. 

And don’t forget about updating your email signature and website as well.

Order New Signage

Depending on the details of your commercial move, you may be required to order new signage. Even if you’re not, it may be something worth considering. You made the investment to change locations, so you might as well do it right with an awesome new sign.

At the very least, do consider making signs that inform customers you’ve moved locations and have recently opened in the area. This will get them excited and bring in some new customers.

Don’t forget to update any car decals, billboards or other unique forms of signage you use to advertise your business.

Purchase New Business Cards and Other Stationery

Anything that has your company’s old address and phone number on it needs to be replaced. Think business cards, pens, notepads, magnets, stamps, mouse pads, etc. If it has information, it has to be updated. Even if you change your company logo slightly, everything should be updated to ensure consistency within your branding. As a rule of thumb, if something changes, everything else must follow en suite. So, don’t forget to place an order for new business cards and other miscellaneous items.

Update Company Vehicle Registrations

Updating your company’s insurance policy with the new office location is the first thing on your mind but many people forget about updating any vehicle registrations that are used for the business. So, definitely don’t forget to add this commercial moving task at the top of the list or risk not being able to work efficiently once you’ve opened your new location.

Make Sure your Utilities are All Setup Before Arrival

One of the most common things to forget when moving is to set up the utilities. You’re so consumed with bubble wrap and packing tape filling your current office that you completely forget about what has to be done to your new office location for your arrival. Start with your utilities. Your electricity, water, Internet, cable, telephone lines, security, etc. should all be set up well in advance to the big day.

Start a prioritized list of tasks for your commercial move today. This allows you to tackle your moving day tasks in order of importance, while also eliminating the possibility of forgetting about them altogether. While you’re dealing with the business side of moving, you should consider hiring a professional moving company like Bekins Moving Solutions. We’ve moved some of the biggest companies around and would be more than happy to help in any way we can. Give us a call today.