All Done With Your Move? Now What? 10 Essential Po …

All Done With Your Move? Now What? 10 Essential Po …

At last, you’re finally in the front doors of your new house. It may be stacked ceiling-high with moving boxes, but the move is officially done. Now is time for the fun stuff, but not so quick. It’s important to do these 10 essential tasks post-move to ensure a positive start to this new chapter in your life.

1. Change the Locks

The first thing any new homeowners should do after the move is change the locks. You never know who has the keys to your home or how many people have the keys to your front door. With your belongings sitting out in the open, there’s no better time to change the locks. The first ones to change should be the front door but don’t forget about the garage, side door, back door or any entrance into your home.

2. Inspect Your Belongings

It’s imperative to inspect your belongings post move to ensure everything has arrived in the condition it left your other house in. This is crucial to do immediately after a move if you hired professional movers. Depending on the valuation package you purchased, if belongings were damaged during the move, they will be repaired, replaced or you will be reimbursed the value of them.

3. Inspect the House

Before you start unpacking all of your belongings, take a thorough walk through the house. Inspect every room, every corner, and every cranny. Look for things such as pests, leaky faucets, running toilets, etc. These are things you’ll want to address immediately to deter further damage. So, grab your magnifying glass and channel your inner detective.

4. Check Smoke Detectors

Not all homeowners are meticulous when it comes to checking and maintaining their smoke alarms. So, you have no idea when the last time the smoke detectors were looked at or if they’re even working at all. Grab a stool and check each one; make sure every floor has a smoke alarm, and if not, you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible.

5. Unpack the Essentials

Now, it’s time to unpack. Start with the essentials; the things you will need immediately, such as toilet paper, linens, soaps, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc. Set these aside in an easy-to-access location so they’re there when you need them.

6. Hang Curtains

Chances are, you won’t have your curtains unpacked for a day or two. However, it’s crucial to hang something on your windows after a move because all of your belongings are out in the open. Anyone walking by can see all the valuables you have. So, grab an old sheet or break down the cardboard from moving boxes and cover those windows.

7. Contact Utility Companies

You likely already have your electricity and water turned on, but you’ll need to schedule a time for Internet and cable providers to come in. This is recommended to do before the move so it’s set up upon arrival. However, it’s better late than never. Plus, having the Internet will make some of the following tasks easier to complete.

8. Change Your Address with The Post Office

Embrace the new address. Contact your local post office and change your address and put a “forward to” setting on your old address. This is important to ensure you receive all of your mail. You can also usually do this task online, which is easier to complete than going into the post office.

9. Update Your I.D.’S, Health Cards, and Car Registration

In some states, it’s illegal to have an address in which you don’t reside in on your license, health card, car registration, etc. So, this is a post-move task you will want to complete as soon as possible. Go through your wallet and see how many cards have your old address on them, and change them immediately. These changes can typically be completed online as well.

10. Meet the Neighbors

Lastly, head outside and get to know your neighbors. They’re likely eager to find out who they’re living next door to, as are you. So, grab the kids, take the dog for a walk and say hello to any neighbors you come across. This also provides you the opportunity to see what’s in the area.

After these 10 post-move tasks, it’s time to unpack and enjoy your new home. So, get them done as soon as possible so the exciting part of being a homeowner can begin.