Doghouse dispute forces Holly Madison to move

Doghouse dispute forces Holly Madison to move

Holly Madison is looking for a new home before she has her baby.  The first-time mother- to-be, together with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, are set to pack up their pets – two ferrets and three dogs – and move to a neighborhood in Las Vegas, and the relocation is not happening on good terms.

“We’re selling this house,” Madison told Las Vegas Weekly recently.  “We thought of renting it, but we’re finished here.” The 33-year-old former Playboy playmate and star of Girls Next Door admits that she just does not want to have to keep dealing with the Homeowners Association there.  “They’ve come after me about the dumbest things,” she notes.  “Sometimes it’s things that don’t even apply to the rules.”

Madison explains that the most recent thing that got the Homeowners Association into a tizzy was a man-sized doghouse that she built in her backyard.  She actually went to the trouble of having the contractor consult with the Association on its restrictions, only to cop repeated fines because the doghouse was painted pink.  “It’s a hundred dollars a month or something like that,” the star notes.  “I haven’t been paying it.  I just keep sending them nasty letters.”

Madison points out that the structure is not even visible from the street and is temporary and thus not under their jurisdiction anyway, yet they keep “harping on”.  The pregnant star has had enough of the overzealous bureaucrats and is moving to a neighborhood in Rancho Circle instead.