Do you need renters’ insurance when living o …

Do you need renters’ insurance when living o …

Even if you live in housing that is government owned, such as family housing or the barracks, your personal possessions may not be insured against theft or damage; however, you can get peace of mind via renters’ insurance, which will cover your belongings against damage or theft.

Renters’ insurance is a type of property insurance that offers coverage for your possessions and your liability within a property that you rent after making a military move.  This form of insurance can apply to people who let or sublet an apartment, duplex, loft, townhouse, single family home, duplex or studio.  The policy protects against personal property losses and liability claims.

The amount of insurance coverage that the military offers depends on the facility that you move to.  In some instances the government will give limited, minimal coverage to your private belongings should they be stolen from your quarters or damaged and at other times renters’ insurance will be included in the monthly expenses of your quarters; either way, the coverage should be enough to replace all of your possessions in the event of flood or fire.  Confirming the details of your government coverage will enable to you to assess whether additional coverage is required.

There are two main coverage aspects of renters’ insurance – personal property coverage, which insures the value of your possessions, and liability coverage, which pays for damage to the property or medical payments for injuries that you are responsible for.