Do you need climate-controlled storage?

Do you need climate-controlled storage?

Sometimes simply packing up your belongings and putting them into a container is not enough. If you are going to be using your moving company storage services on a long-term basis then you may need to find a climate-controlled storage facility; however, this does not apply to everybody and first you need to work out whether this is something you require.

There are a few questions that you need to consider when planning to store items. First of all, ask your moving company about the average temperatures within its storage facility. Will the temperature drop very low or rise very high in line with the weather? Are the storage facilities based in an area where there is generally high humidity?

You need to consider the value of the items that are you are planning to store. Is there anything you know is worth a lot of money or has a high sentimental value to you and your family?  Next consider how long the items are going to be left in the facility. If it is just for a day or two you may not need to worry about climate control; however, if you are going to be using storage for a few weeks or longer, it may be a good idea to consider climate control. Finally you need to consider yourself. If you will need to visit the facility on a regular basis, it may be that you would like to be in a comfortable environment.

It may be that using a climate-controlled storage facility is more expensive. Your movers will be able to advise you on this and you need to take into account what it would cost to replace your possessions if they were damaged in a non-climate-controlled environment.

Climate control will also give you peace of mind about pests, temperature damage and the possibility of items corroding if your belongings are in storage for longer than you expect. It will also give you peace of mind that your sensitive items have the protection they need from the elements.

Remember that wood can expand and split when exposed to extreme temperatures, which can leave furniture damaged. Your moving company will have a qualified and experienced person on hand to explain to you how best to store your items so that they are protected from environmental changes.

Leather furniture will not degrade and go yellow in a climate-controlled environment, and there will also be additional protection against disasters such as flooding thanks to the way in which the climate-controlled units are enclosed. You may also find that climate-controlled units have less dirt and are much cleaner than some other facilities.

Ask whether you can visit the facility first to see how it is set up and laid out. This will also give you an idea about how easy it will be to get access to your belongings once they have been moved into storage when you leave your home.