Do you need a checklist for a short distance move?

Do you need a checklist for a short distance move?

Sometimes planning a move can seem never-ending. While you might find a checklist useful, there are likely to be times when you feel like ignoring it, throwing everything into a box and leaving. This is why some people ask whether a checklist is needed for a short distance move, and the answer is unequivocally ‘yes’.

You might think that there is less involved in a short distance move – after all, you may only be moving a few streets away ‒ but think about it for a minute. You still need a list of people who have to be informed that you are moving, you still need to have all your utilities and services moved to your new address, and you still need to pack everything carefully and decide what is going to be packed and when. A checklist will help you to plan what has to be done and guide you through the process.

No house move is ever easy and trying to complete the process without the help of a checklist means that there will likely be things that you forget to do. Somebody who should have been informed might be missed and you may even forget something as simple as clearing out that closet you hardly ever use.

Putting together a checklist will not take long and will be well worthwhile simply because it can help to reduce the amount of stress you are under during the move.

– Lance Grooms