DIY moving vs full service

DIY moving vs full service

According to recent statistics from the US Census Bureau, over 15% of the population of the US will move house each year.  A large number of people decide to have their relocation occur during the months of the spring and summer seasons, due to the warmer weather and the fact that a lot of them get time off from school and work during this time period.

Most people are familiar with the option to hire a full service moving company or to rent a truck and do it themselves when it comes long distance moving, but the great majority of people are unaware of another alternative that has arisen of late.

A number of moving companies have begun offering a moving service that mixes the pricing of renting a truck yourself with the convenience of hiring a full service mover.  When a reservation has been made, the company delivers a moveable storage container to your home after which you have two days to load and secure your possessions within it.  Once you have finished packing, professional drivers pick up the trailer and take it to your new home. You have another two days in which to unload your possessions.

As with full service moving, you have the advantage of letting someone else do the driving while having direct control over all of your expenses because you pack your possessions in the trailer.  Neither DIY nor self-service moving is for everyone, however, and full service moving companies still remain the most popular.