DIY move or professional moving company?

DIY move or professional moving company?

Moving FurnitureWhen you are moving it can be very tempting to opt for a DIY move, thinking that this will be cheaper and easier; however, there are plenty of downsides to a DIY move that you need to take into consideration and the costs may be even greater by doing it yourself.

The first consideration is the truck rental. You will need to rent a large enough truck to move your home in just one or two trips, as multiple trips will add to the stress of the day. Are you comfortable driving a truck of this size? Not everybody is and sometimes it is simply better to bring in a professional mover to handle this part of the job.  Additionally, truck rentals usually contain lots of hidden costs like: mileage fees; furniture pad rentals; moving dolly rentals; liability insurance; etc.  These costs are likely built into the price of a professional mover.

Your professional movers also have the expertise that you need. They are likely to have been doing this for years and know exactly how to pack those family heirlooms to make sure that they get to the other end in one piece.  Moving a valuable piece of electronics can be more challenging today than ever before.

The physical toll moving can take on your body should also be a heavily considered thought.  The cost of many trips to the chiropractor usually more than makes up for any additional expense of hiring a Promover.

When you are planning your house move you need to consider all this in advance because you have to make arrangements. Deciding only at the last minute to get a professional mover could mean that your choices are limited and that you pay over the odds.