DITY military moving choices

DITY military moving choices

There are a number of options for people intending to perform a DITY move.  The option that is most commonly associated with a DITY move is to use a rental truck.  This simply involves renting a truck, loading it up with all of your personal possessions, driving it to your brand new home and then unloading it.

Another option for people wishing to perform a DITY relocation is the use of rental trailers.  These are generally suitable for people who only have a relatively small number of belongings or for a partial DITY move.  Another approach is to make us of full service movers.  There are a number of moving companies that have come up with options meaning that they are able to perform a full service move via an ‘a la carte’ approach.

Another option, and one that is actually the quickest growing choice for DITY moves, is known as ‘You-Pack/We-Drive’.  This makes the whole DITY moving process a lot simpler and also usually means more profit for military movers.  Yet another option is to make use of your personally owned vehicle in order to move your things.  Military personnel may receive payments for moving possessions in their vehicle such as suitcases, clothing, etc.

The above options need to be examined very carefully and in some cases it may be appropriate to mix several different methods for your DITY move.  The final decision is likely to be based on a mixture of cost, destination and personal preference.

Rick Wozniak