Disassembling and moving items

Disassembling and moving items

Packing is never easy simply because of the sheer number of items and rooms that have to be dealt with in such a relatively short period of time.  To be more effective you need to learn how to disassemble items into component parts that will be a good deal more manageable.

You need to be extremely careful when it comes to disassembling electronic equipment for a move.  You should read the user manual to begin with, as this usually specifies how a particular item can be disassembled as well as whether there are any particular materials or conditions that are required for packing purposes.  The device should have been shut down and all cords and cables unplugged.  PCs, home cinema and audio systems all feature a number of components that you can disassemble and then wrap and pack individually.  You should make certain that you have memorized the order of the components or are able to utilize the user manual in order to reassemble them.  It is a good idea to label the components.

Heavy items of furniture can be very difficult to move and should be disassembled into more manageable parts if possible.  Remove any objects from drawers and shelves, clean items, and keep any nuts and bolts in a bag or box.

If you have a hot tub that you want to move with you, you need to disconnect all plumbing and then allow time for the tub to dry while packing all accessories separately.  Don’t forget that it will freeze and break fittings if not properly taken care of.