Dinette moves to bigger space

Dinette is finally set to hit the big time – at least in terms of size.  Melissa Nyffeler, the chef and owner of the Seattle restaurant, intends for the place to close its doors at its current location at 1514 E Olive Way following dinner service on 23rd  December and then to relocate the establishment to a larger space at a yet-to-be-determined location.

Although locals have loved Dinette in the eight years it has spent on Capitol Hill, on a certain level it has always seemed rather under-appreciated.  It has rarely received any kind of real national recognition, which may be one of the reasons behind the relocation decision.  Its most prominent recent mention seemed only to underline this, being named as one of the country’s underrated restaurants on Eater.com.

Nonetheless, when the reviews do come they have been invariably positive, having been called “ridiculously charming” and “comfortably at home between homey and haute”.  This has been achieved by Nyffeler and her restaurant crew despite them working with nothing more than a toaster and a four-burner electric range oven.

Nyffeler is expecting the restaurant to reopen after the move has been completed in 2014 and is currently on the lookout for a location that has a similar sort of ambiance but that offers more space both inside and outside the kitchen area.  Nyffeler is looking around Capitol Hill but remains open to the idea of choosing real estate in other walkable neighborhoods.