Difficult items to move

Difficult items to move

For those of you who will be moving yourselves, moving can often be a painful experience, with much bending, lugging and carrying.  Your muscles are likely to be aching after a long day of transporting your possessions, while beyond the heavy items of furniture and cardboard boxes full of plates and books there are some items that are so difficult to move that it seems to be an almost impossible task.  These items are such a challenge that they will need tender loving care, special preparation, and possibly the help of a professional moving company.

One of the most challenging things to move is an aquarium full of fish.  The temperature changes and sloshing around that are often associated with moving can frequently be fatal to fish ; however, there are some tips to help with this difficult transition.

The first thing you should do is to transfer your fish to a holding container.  The tank should be mostly drained, leaving just the small amount of water necessary to keep the same bacteria colony after the tank has been reassembled and refilled following the move to your new home.  If you also possess aquarium plants, some of the aquarium water should be poured into a bag and the plants can then be stored there.  The filter should be stored in a container that is free from chemicals.  You should move both the fish and the aquarium in your own vehicle rather than having them put inside a moving truck by your moving company.

Plants are another item that can be very difficult when it comes to relocation.  Plants may not appear to be particularly troublesome to move; however, the truth is quite different.  Moving can be extremely traumatic for plants and the situation therefore needs to be dealt with extremely carefully.  If you have plants in ceramic planters, shift them to plastic ones a few weeks prior to the day of the move to give them time to adjust to their new environment.  Plastic planters are considerably lighter and you will be able to pack your ceramic planters and prevent them from being damaged during the relocation.Moving companies are not able to move live plants and you should be sure to check with local authorities to ensure you may bring the type of plant to where you will be moving.

If you are the proud owner of a 1,200lb grand piano, relocation is going to be a very difficult prospect indeed.  Pianos such as this are extremely heavy, very oddly shaped, and can be particularly tough to try to move from one home to another.  Many people will hire the services of a piano moving service to do the work for them and this is likely to be the best solution, particularly if relocating it into your new home will present particular challenges.  Moving companies with expertise in moving pianos will sometimes even make use of a crane to get a piano through a window; if this is not necessary or possible, the job will usually require a special piano dolly.  If you are making a move to a building that has a freight elevator, you could be in luck.