Delegating Tasks for Your Office Move

Delegating Tasks for Your Office Move

It is very tempting when you are organizing the relocation of your business to try to do everything yourself. After all, isn’t this the best way to make sure that everything is completed? However, office moves can be very complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. One person can’t do it alone. In order to make sure your office move goes off without a hitch, you need to delegate certain tasks to others. You may elicit the help of fellow employees or a professional moving company. Either way, asking for assistance can create a seamless transition to a new office location.

Ask for Volunteers

Before you start delegating, you want to see if any employees have the desire to help. Ask if anyone has any interest in assisting you with the office move. There are some people who really enjoy organizing tasks or packing boxes. With a few volunteers in charge, you can easily scope out other individuals who may be a good fit for what has to be done.

Establish Roles

You do not have to relinquish control entirely, as you can still be there to oversee everything. Establish yourself as the moving point of contact. Let employees know that if they have any questions or concerns about the move that they can ask you. Make a list of all employees that are assisting with the move. Assign each person a list of tasks to complete. Include details of your expectations along with due dates of each task. Make sure to include a safety inspector that can be responsible for clearing walkways, stacking boxes safely, and ensuring an emergency kit is available for any moving emergencies.

Keep Tabs

Once you have delegated tasks, you should hold weekly meetings to check what has been done and what remains outstanding. You can then restructure your plan as needed and ensure that everything is going in the right direction. Remember that you may have IT experts on your team, HR professionals and customer service professionals. Therefore, almost every aspect of your move can be left in the hands of a person who has the skills to complete it.

Commercial Moving Coordinator

One of the benefits of hiring a professional moving company to help with your office move is you can hire a commercial moving coordinator to assist with every step of your move. Need assistance with packing, crating, moving sensitive or large equipment? Would you like expert advice on what is the most efficient way to move your office? All this can be arranged and scheduled without you having to do a thing, other than call! Bekins Moving Solutions is your resource for commercial moving.

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