Declutter your home using a storage facility

Declutter your home using a storage facility

Renting a storage facility is an excellent solution to finding a place for possessions that you do not presently have much use for but are unwilling to part with on a permanent basis.  Storage facilities come in various sizes; in order to cut down on the cost, it is important to make judicious use of the storage space provided.

If you are putting lots of items in boxes and then placing the boxes into storage then it is important to make sure that these boxes have been labeled accurately.  If you store items at random and then come to need one of them, it will take a ridiculous amount of time to find unless it is in a correctly labeled box.

Items being placed into storage still need to be arranged rather than just dumped.  Just throwing stuff in will be likely to result in you requiring a bigger space than you might actually need if the items are arranged in a neat manner.

Learning to get rid of items permanently is still important, even if you do rent out a storage facility.  A storage facility is ideal for possessions that you do not currently require but are likely to find a use for at some point in the future.  It is a bad idea to use storage facilities for items that you are never going to want or need again.  You need to be able to make a judgment about what you want to keep and what can be disposed of.

Jon Huser