How to Decide if you Should be Renting a Storage U …

How to Decide if you Should be Renting a Storage U …

To rent a storage unit or to not rent a storage unit; that is the question. In fact, it’s a question that many people have. With the costs of moving taking up a large chunk of your budget, the idea of renting a storage unit can sometimes be overwhelming. It can also be just as difficult to determine whether you really need a storage unit or if it’s just a convenient luxury. So, we have created this list to help you decide whether paying for a storage unit is within you, your belongings and your budgets best interest.

Protect an Investment

Not everyone who rents a storage unit fills it with boxes. A storage unit can also be an excellent place to protect an investment, such as an antique car or valuable collection of items you’re saving to cash in big one day. These are the kinds of items you don’t need at your house, but you don’t want to give up either, which makes a storage unit an excellent option.

Extra Storage Space

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of extra storage that you can’t find within your current home. It would be unrealistic and much more expensive to upgrade to a larger home just to get the additional storage space you need, but you also don’t want to get rid of your belongings. In this case, a small storage unit is an affordable option that will give you the additional space you need without having to uproot your entire home.

During a Move

Whether a temporary, short-term or permanent move, a storage unit is always an excellent option. When you’re in between homes, it can be hard to find space for all of your belongings. You don’t want to bring them back and forth all at once, maybe you are moving out prior to finding a new place or maybe all of your belongings won’t be making the move. Whatever it is, if you don’t want to get rid of your things, you don’t have to. You just need a storage unit. It’s a much better option than filling your friend’s and family member’s basements with your belongings.

For a Business

Storage units aren’t only for personal storage, there are many commercial storage options available as well. Owning a business comes with all kinds of equipment, documents, materials and stock that don’t necessarily have to be on site. Renting a storage unit will free up space, and may even save some company dollars as you can now buy in bulk at a discounted price because you finally have somewhere to put the stock.

Even if you don’t have a lot of equipment, a small storage unit can be great for company filing cabinets, documents and other forms of paperwork that don’t have to be on site. It may even be cheaper to rent a storage unit instead of upgrading to a larger office.

As a rule of thumb, a storage unit is only a bad idea if you’re storing things you don’t need, use or want. If the items are just going to sit in the storage unit colleting dust and have no value, then it may be a better option to toss them or better yet, donate them. Otherwise, put it in a storage unit for an affordable price that works for both your budget and your belongings.