Dark times ahead for Hannibal

The trailer for the second season of the NBC thriller series Hannibal debuted last week and has got fans buzzing for the new series, which kicks off on 28th February with an episode entitled “Kaiseki”.  Hannibal debuted last year and, despite initial skepticism, turned out to be one of the year’s most critically raved about new shows.

The first season focused on expert criminal profiler Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, who has a unique and unenviable ability to get inside the psyche of serial killers – an ability that has often taken its toll on his own mental health.  Drawn back into the FBI by Jack Crawford, played by Laurence Fishburne, Graham formed a professional and then personal association with the brilliant psychiatrist Dr Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), unaware that his new friend and colleague was in reality the biggest monster he has ever met.

In the first season’s shocking cliffhanger, the increasingly erratic Graham found himself framed as a serial killer by the manipulative Lecter, only realizing just how he had been set up – and by whom – in the season’s closing moments.  The trailer for the second season hints that the new series sees Will determined to prove his innocence and that his allies in the FBI may find themselves in Lecter’s sights.

Hannibal was developed from the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon, which has been filmed twice for the cinema (as Manhunter, starring Brian Cox as cinema’s most famous cannibal, and Red Dragon, with Anthony Hopkins).