Danny Ferry changes the Hawks

Danny Ferry changes the Hawks

The Hawks are losing Joe Johnson in a trade.  Danny Ferry decided to change the Hawks franchise after accepting the general manager job a week ago.

He is changing things up by trading Joe Johnson, who is an All Star guard.  This trade will see Johnson moving to the Nets.  Marvin Williams is also going to undergo a move to Utah.  These changes will represent drastic changes for the Hawks and for NBA’s new season.  The trades are not official yet, but both players have been told that relocation is on the way.  The Hawks have definitely agreed to the trades’ contractual terms, though no details can be released as yet.  Until the teams announce it officially, nothing can be discussed beyond what talks have occurred and who might be traded where.

It is said that for trading Johnson the Hawks will obtain Jordan Farmar.  Farmar was a Georgia Tech player.  There may also be changes with Anthony Morrow, DeShawn Stevenson, Johan Petro and Jordan Williams.  These players may also need to relocate soon.

Atlanta will earn the first round draft pick for 2013 and also keep that option through 2016.  The Hawks may not have as much talent in terms of past seasons but it would mean a better financial position, since they are sending out $100 million in future salaries and receiving only $25 million back in return.  In other words, the lower cost players are something the Hawks need for financial stability, so a move is imminent for some players.

Jon Huser