Cruise and Holmes divorcing

Cruise and Holmes divorcing

Despite the couple seeming happy in public appearances, public records have revealed that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce.  This will be the end for Tom Cruise’s third marriage to the much younger Katie Holmes.  She is currently 33 and he will turn 50 on Tuesday.

According to the information available, Holmes intends on taking Suri, their six-year-old daughter, with her.  Tom Cruise has been filming for his next movie in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Most of the paparazzi have filmed him on set or going to the set recently, but his expression has revealed nothing.

Cruise has been filming a sci-fi film with Morgan Freeman.  He plays a soldier who goes to a planet to destroy an alien race.  Much of Iceland is being used for the ‘planet’.  The couple were seen as happy when Suri and Katie visited the set on Father’s Day.  They were walking hand in hand and even dined at a sushi restaurant; however, Katie was not at his premier for Rock of Ages.  She also did not attend the promo tour.

It may have been his posing in a magazine with bare chest and two half naked blondes that made her embarrassed and finally file for divorce.  It is really hard to say, given that they are entitled to their private lives and reasons for a divorce.  It could be as simple as Katie Holmes feeling oppressed by her older husband, especially knowing that Nicole Kidman was quiet in her acting career during her marriage but regained her fame afterwards.

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