Creating an office moving guide

Creating an office moving guide

One tip for those moving offices is to create an office moving guide for employees. This is something that could be given to everybody who works for the company to provide them with essential information that will help the move to go more smoothly.

The office moving guide could be exactly what the employees need to help them to prepare for the changes that lie ahead. If each member of staff is responsible for packing up their own workstations, the guide could tell them exactly what needs to be moved and when. Perhaps you want all the computers to go to the new offices first so that they can be in place when the staff arrive, or perhaps you are more concerned about moving archives and filing cabinets. Alternatively, it could be that you want your staff to take the opportunity to declutter and the guide could tell them what they are allowed to keep and what should be thrown away.

You could want to create a labeling system for the packing, perhaps color coding or numbering the boxes. The guide should explain this to the employees so that they can follow the system you have chosen.

It is also very important that the guide for the office move tells staff who has responsibility for each aspect of the move so that they know who to turn to if there are any issues. The guide should be written simply and give clear information, and for the best effect it should be kept as concise as possible.  

– Lance Grooms