Create a moving kit

Create a moving kit

Creating a moving kit is the best way to get organized and prepared for any impending relocation.  There are a number of supplies that should be included in any moving kit; once you have these supplies, you may well find that the act of moving is a lot simpler than you might have thought.

Boxes are, of course, the number one most vital moving item.  Boxes can be obtained from your own moving company or from local liquor, grocery or office supply stores, or from a packing supply store.  The best way to move hanging garments is to make use of wardrobe boxes.  You will need to take measurements of the amount of linear feet of hanging clothing in order to work out the exact quantity that you will need.

Boxes that have pre-assembled partitions in order to protect glassware should be used to pack items from the kitchen and dining room, while boxes should be bought that have been specifically created for the purpose of holding bigger items such as glass tabletops, artwork, lamps, mirrors and mattresses.  Smaller boxes should be used to pack books, as bigger boxes can become very hard to lift when they are full.

Tape is the other crucial item you will need to get ready for relocation.  This means buying standard packing tape as well as clear plastic mailing tape for the purpose of affixing labels and ensuring they are waterproof, and strapping tape lined with nylon fibers to reinforce the bottoms of heavy boxes.

Jon Huser