Corporate housing

Corporate housing

Corporate housing is any kind of housing that provides fully-furnished units for long-term accommodation.  The name comes from the fact that this type of housing is generally used by companies to accommodate their employees for long-term stays to avoid the cost of hotel bills.

The service has now expanded to include students, holidaymakers and people who need somewhere to stay in the short term while they are in the middle of a move.  Although the fees can often be a good deal higher than some people might anticipate, this type of housing is usually extremely well stocked, with pretty much everything that anyone could require in order to have a pleasant stay there.  Corporate housing often includes a cleaning service and parking and is located in a central area in order to offer easier commuting for employees.

It is usually best to make use of corporate housing to fill a last minute need; for instance, if you have to move out of your current home but your new home is not quite ready yet, you will need to find short-term housing in order to have somewhere to live while you are waiting.

Corporate housing could be the answer to this quandary; however, you should look into all the available options and focus on pricing and comfort.  Make sure you complete an adequate amount of research and choose a short-term home that meets your relocation budget.  Vacation rental deals might be easier to find than corporate housing if you are moving in the off-season.