Coping with military moving

Coping with military moving

Military families often find themselves having to move to places all around the world.  While living somewhere totally new can often be fun and interesting, the cumulative effect of this endless relocation can often take its toll on families.  The good news is that there are a few suggestions and helpful tips than can help families to cope with having to move so often.

I know that one of the toughest challenges of undergoing a Permanent Change of Station (sometimes referred to simply as PCS) is the effect that this can have on the children.  Moving can bring on a range of emotions, concerns and worries for children, regardless of how old they are.  Parents should try to make sure that the move is painted in a positive light so that their children will come to regard it as being an exciting family adventure instead of a scary or negative experience.

Children need to feel that they are still cared for and loved.  Worries should be listed to and methods found to achieve emotional stability, regardless of what stresses the parents may personally be experiencing.  It is essential to try to keep some sense of family structure and routine while moving.  Traditions and established routines help children to feel safe and secure, despite the many other changes that may be taking place.

Try to get the children involved in some aspects of the relocation process, from the packing of their rooms to helping them to explore their new neighborhood.

Jon Huser