Coping with military moves

Coping with military moves

Families in the military often find themselves moving to different places all across the world and while relocating to somewhere completely new can certainly be a fun and interesting experience, frequent moves can often take their toll on families.  The good news is that there are some suggestions and tips that can make it easier to cope with frequent military moves.

One of the toughest aspects of making a military move is the effect it has on your children.  Moving brings on lots of different concerns, emotions and worries for your kids, regardless of how old they are.  Parents need to attempt to paint the relocation in a positive light in order for their children to view it as an exciting adventure rather than an experience that is scary or negative.

Children need to be reassured that they are still cared for and loved.  No matter what other issues you may be dealing with at the time as a result of the relocation, you need to take the time to listen to your children’s worries and find methods of achieving emotional stability.  It is a good idea to maintain some kind of family structure and reassuring routine, as this helps children to feel secure and safe in spite of what other changes may be happening.

The website of the Military Impacted Schools Association focuses on the effect of relocation on the children of military service personnel and offers resources and articles, including counseling and online school tutors.