Convenience of Moving Company Storage

Convenience of Moving Company Storage

Imagine you are moving to a new location, but your temporary house is way too small to fit all your belongings. What if you have a few months before your new home is ready? What do you do with all of your stuff? This is when moving company storage becomes incredibly beneficial. There is no inconvenient shipping of your items to a third party storage facility, all you have to do is sit back and relax while your moving company places your items in storage until you need them.

What to Look for in Moving Company Storage

It is important to note that not all moving company storage companies are alike. You will want to look for specific things that you may require out of your short-term or long-term storage. Do you need temperature control for sensitive items like leather furniture or fine art? Bekins Moving Solutions has temperature controlled storage facilities that will protect your most fragile and temperature-sensitive items. If you are concerned about security, ask the facility if they offer security cameras and 24-hour monitoring. With extensive security measures, you can ensure that your possessions are safe at all times.

Inventory Creation

Do you need help keep track of your belongings? Services such as the creation of inventory can also be part of your moving company storage services. Having an accounting of all your items can be beneficial in not only having the peace of mind that all your items are accounted for, but it is also helpful if you have any insurance claim in the future. A moving company’s job is to make your move as easy as possible for you, communicate your needs and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Variety of Storage Methods

Modern storage isn’t limited by any means. Would you prefer to use container storage or racking storage? Most moving company storage facilities can offer you different types of storage depending upon your requirements. You can store as much or as little as you need during your move.

Stress-Free Moving Has Never Been Easier

When you are moving, you have enough on your plate. You need to make sure that you are delegating tasks to others when you can assist you. When you combine your moving and storage services, you are accomplishing two big tasks in one. Bekins Moving Solutions has quality moving services and can help you with all your storage needs. Feel free to give our office a call and inquire about our storage facilities. We are happy to give you a tour of our temperature controlled, secure facilities that are located across the country.

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