Considerations when using storage facilities

Considerations when using storage facilities

Full service storage facilities usually have managers or members of staff on hand during business hours and as a part of the service, the staff will put your items away for you.  Your goods will be packed into a wooden crate till you need them again.

Storage facilities run by moving companies offer the advantage of pre-packing, as well as being able to create an inventory of your items and to safely move them into the facility.  Such facilities will also almost always come with their own blankets, boxes and plastic covers to safely store your items.

Unlike in self-storage when you can gain access to your goods, full service storage means that your goods will have been safely put away in storage containers that will be stacked till they are to be delivered. This kind of storage facility is best recommended for those people who will not want to gain access to their belongings on a frequent basis while they are in storage.

It is a good idea to choose to make use of a managed storage facility when you would feel more comfortable having your moving company store your items or when you are looking for short-term storage during relocation and would prefer to have a full inventory of your goods at the time of uplift.