Consider the costs of moving

Consider the costs of moving

One part of the selling and buying of homes during a move that tends to be rather overlooked is how much this can end up costing.  The excitement of searching for the home of your dreams and coming up with a budget can make it all too easy to forget the reality, which is that the relocation process can be very expensive.

With this in mind, there are some helpful tips with regard to what you should look out for and methods of cutting down on some of the costs associated with making a move.  One good tip is to make certain that you include absolutely everything in the budget you come up with.  Finding your ideal home will be a joyous moment quickly forgotten if you are still finding it almost impossible to pay your solicitor’s fees six to 12 months down the line.

There are big, obvious items to take into account, such as the legal fees mentioned above, stamp duty, surveys, mortgage fees and real estate agent fees.  These are well established even before you begin the relocation process and are tough to overlook; however, they can still be reduced and you should never be afraid to shop around and ask your agent for a fee reduction.

It is also important to keep in mind that stamp duty is incremental; therefore, you could save a significant amount of money by agreeing a price that is just $1 below the next level of duty.  Other things that need to be considered include the cost of professional cleaning, moving companies, and redirecting mail.