Consider Lancaster, California

Consider Lancaster, California

californiaJust over 70 miles from Los Angeles is the city of Lancaster. This is a popular place for people to relocate to if they do not want to live in the larger city and there are a number of reasons for this popularity. The current population is just over 70,000, which has grown by almost 60% since 2000.

The average cost of a home in Lancaster is just over $210k, an increase of 18.5% over the last 12 months. This makes the area cheaper than Los Angeles for property, although not as cheap as some areas you could be considering. Many people have moved out of Los Angeles to areas such as Lancaster to take advantage of the lower property prices.

The cost of living is a factor to consider if you want to relocate to Lancaster. While this is higher than the national average, it is still lower than Los Angeles. The public school spend per pupil is very close to the national average; however, there is a fairly high ratio of students to teachers in Lancaster’s schools.

A move to California might mean that you are looking for work opportunities. Unemployment here is much higher than the US average, although the number of jobs available in the last year has increased by 2.5%.

The average commuting time to work is 31 minutes, which is slightly longer than the national average; however, this figure is boosted by those who are commuting longer distances to cities such as Los Angeles.