Communication during office relocation

Communication during office relocation

Moving an office can be a very unsettling experience for an employee; however, any uncertainty or fear about the change can be kept to a minimum by making use of effective internal communication.  Moving an office can be a positive and motivating change for employees if it is handled in the correct manner.

One good tip is to define the nature of the key message that you get want to get across during an office move; for example, the key theme might be that the new office will be a better environment or offer the chance for the company to grow and expand.  Employee comprehension of the main messages should be measured at various stages of the project and then clarified or reiterated if necessary.

Communication with regard to office relocation should start some time before the move takes place.  Employees have to be able to ask questions and to understand exactly what they can expect during the course of the relocation process.  Rumors can begin to spread if communication is withheld or delayed, and people might begin to unnecessarily fear that their place in the company is in jeopardy.

Where possible you should plan and pre-schedule communication about the office move at every stage of the process.  One good way to raise interest about the forthcoming relocation is to make use of screensaver messages to feature images of the new local area, the new office space itself, and nearby facilities such as parks, public transport and restaurants.