Communicate with employees when moving an office

Communicate with employees when moving an office

If you are preparing to have your office moved to a brand new location, it is a very good idea to keep the lines of communication open with your employees.  It is often the case that the relocation of an office will result in an adverse impact on at least some of the employees involved, often resulting in a longer commute and additional traveling expenses.

In order to avoid at least some disgruntlement on the part of employees, it is crucial to communicate with your staff members and make them aware of the office move well ahead of time.  You should never wait to reveal news about the move to your employees until practically the last minute, as this is almost guaranteed to result in a great deal of resentment from staff members.  Business unit managers should also be provided with a checklist that includes a timeline for the relocation and expectations for the move based upon this timeline.

You should also issue updated notices about the coming move on a monthly basis and make sure that business unit managers are aware that they should communicate these expectations to their direct reports.

Aside from being informed as early as possible about the relocation and its ramifications, employees should otherwise not be directly involved with other details of the move.  The interior design of the new office should be decided upon by management in collaboration with a qualified and experienced interior designer.

Gene Salaz