Common moving errors to avoid

Common moving errors to avoid

The US Census Bureau says that around 36 million people in the United States moved in 2012, and it is a fair bet that around the same amount will be relocating this year.  It is also fair to say that that there will be millions of people with a lot of questions about the relocation process and in particular about how to avoid making a mistake.

There are lots of horror stories around about shady movers and moving scams; however, you can avoid hiring a disreputable moving company by doing a little homework.  You can establish the legitimacy of a moving company by checking out the American Moving & Storage Association, the Better Business Bureau, the US Department of Transportation, your state transportation regulator, Angie’s List, and even by asking family and friends for their advice.

Any professional moving company will send someone to your home to assess the amount of items you wish to take with you on your move and then provide you with an estimate.  If a moving company is unwilling to do this, find another company.  You should get a minimum of three estimates in writing before making a decision and never pay for the estimate.  Be sure to do your research and be informed.  If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be.

Packing too much is another common error.  You should sort through your possessions prior to making a move and rid yourself of any items that no longer work or are now irrelevant to your life; such items can be given to charity or sold at a garage sale