Cold Weather Moving

Cold Weather Moving

Moving in cold weather presents some unique challenges. The forecast can change at any given moment, resulting in unexpected precipitation, slippery surfaces and a drop in temperatures that make your hands go numb. This can lead to many delays and potential injuries, so to ensure a safe and efficient move, there are some extra steps to put into action when moving during the winter.

Keep Your Eye on the Weather

The weather can change in an instant so it can be tempting to skip over the weather channel as you prepare for the big day. However, monitoring the forecast will give you a general idea of what to expect. It’s better to be overly prepared than not prepared at all, especially when moving during the winter months.

Clear the Walk Ways

It’s always recommended to keep a large bag of salt and a couple of shovels on hand when moving during the winter. If the clouds decide to drop some freezing precipitation on your moving day, you’ll be able to immediately clear the walkways which is key to preventing injuries.

Layer your Clothing

The clothing you wear while moving during the winter will play a direct role in your level of comfort and ultimately, the efficiency of the day. It’s recommended to layer your clothing so that you can remove items if need be. It’s significantly easier to cool down than it is to heat up, so you won’t want to skip over this step. Plus, numb fingers pose a serious risk to your belongings, as it can be difficult to get proper grip on the boxes.

Choose Proper Clothing

Speaking of clothing, it’s imperative that you choose proper items to wear on moving day. If you intend on wearing gloves, you’ll want to opt for a pair that allows for sufficient gripping. The same can be said about your footwear; you’ll need a pair of boots that are comfortable yet slip resistant. While you can get away with wearing shorts, tees, and sneakers when moving in the summertime, such is not the case when moving during winter. The items you wear can make or break the success of your move.

Protect Your Floors

Preparing and protecting your floors is imperative when moving during the winter months. Not only will this decrease the risk of possible injuries but it’ll also prevent potentially costly damage from being done to the home.

As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to layer the floors with an absorbent material that will soak up any moisture. Just be sure to secure the material to the floor to avoid any snags, trips or falls.

Leave it to the Professionals

If moving in the winter seems far more daunting than what you anticipated, take advantage of professional moving services. Some things are better left to the pros, and moving during the winter months is certainly one of those things. At Bekins Moving Solutions, our professional movers will handle the ins and outs of your move safely and efficiently, so you can quickly arrive at your humble abode, stress-free.


At Bekins Moving Solutions, we have perfected the talent of moving in all types of weather conditions. To avoid any delays or risk of injury, take advantage of the professional moving services available to you. Our professionals will tackle your move, start to finish.