Cleaning your home prior to a move

Cleaning your home prior to a move

Making a move to a new home can be a truly wonderful experience, involving meeting new people, making new friends and making new memories; however, prior to settling into your new home you have to get all the items in your old home packed and shipped over.  Before you actually move in, you should clean your new home thoroughly.

Every room should be cleaned according to certain specifications and in an individual manner before the move.  Everyone wants their new home to look clean and pretty, and the kitchen is normally the first room that you should deal with.  All surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected, particularly the meal preparation areas and sinks.  The use of a heavy duty cleaner for appliances is highly recommended.

Water and baking soda can be used to clean surfaces with the aid of heavy duty cloths or sponges.  You should take care not to scratch any of the surfaces, and grease removers and oven cleaners should be applied to your stove if required.  You need to check underneath the hood and then thoroughly clean the area, after which you should clean the refrigerator.

All bins and drawers should be removed, washed and allowed to dry before being put back.  Make sure that the freezer is working and clean.  The handles and sides of the fridge are where dirt and dust tend to gather, so clean these areas with a soft cloth.  Sinks, counters, floors, carpets, kitchen cabinets and walls will also need cleaning, followed by the rest of the house before you move in!