Cleaning tips for your new home

Cleaning tips for your new home

Before you unpack your possessions and start to get settled into your new home, there are some areas that you should make certain have been thoroughly cleaned.

Bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned after a move to a new home, with special attention paid to areas such as the crevices behind the toilet seat, the sink and the tub.  The next step after relocation should be to clean the kitchen, in my opinion, with special attention being paid to the cupboards, countertops and the sink.  You should make certain that there are no leftover remains or stains from foodstuff on the countertops.  A good cleaning should also be given to appliances such as the microwave, the stove and the oven.

Household items or bleach should be acceptable to clean these areas with.  You should always make use of rubber gloves when doing this sort of cleaning, as you never really know what kind of residue you might discover and you want to make certain that you are properly protected.  Mopping and cleaning the floor is also a good idea, and if your new home comes with fitted carpets you should sprinkle some carpet cleaner on them and then give them a good vacuum.

The final but still very important task is to fumigate your new residence in case of rodents or bugs.  In many cases you may be unaware of the length of time that your new abode has been unoccupied, so you want to be sure there are no uninvited residents prior to you moving in.

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