Christmas fun at SantaCon

If you want to get into the spirit of things at Christmas, why not consider taking part in SantaCon? This may sound like an annual convention where ‘professional’ Santas meet up; however, it is actually a parade that takes place in Los Angeles. The parade is more of a party and started life in San Francisco: similar events are now happening all over the world.

On December 13th thousands of people dressed as Santa will be taking part in a bar crawl that will run into the early hours of the next day. People only find out the details of the route on the morning of the event, but it usually begins in Hollywood and includes parts of Pasadena, Old Town and Redondo Beach Pier.

Most bars and clubs on the route will give discounts to those dressed as Santa and there are plenty of participants. You have to be dressed in a way that relates to the festive season and you have to call all those taking part ‘Santa’. The event gets the festive season off to a good start.

You will need to obtain a ticket, which usually costs around $20. This will include transport by metro and other extras; however, many people simply arrange their own transport and turn up in costume. SantaCon’s Twitter feed will give details of the route, so why not dress up and join in?