Choosing the right packing tape

Choosing the right packing tape

You may think it is not difficult to get the right packing tape for your boxes; however, it is true to say that not all packing tapes are created equal. There is no point making sure that you have strong boxes for your house move if you are going to choose cheap packing tape – as soon as you pick up the box, it could fall to pieces!

Something you may not be aware of is that the adhesive on packing tapes is different; for example, a ‘hot melt’ adhesive is good for boxes that will be handled quite a bit, as it will not easily come away from the box.

When you move house, your moving company may recommend a packing tape with acrylic adhesive. This can be used in a variety of conditions; for example, if your boxes are being stored for a while, acrylic adhesive will be suitable for cooler temperatures as well as warmer ones and can be used on boxes that will stored for a long time.

You also need to make sure that you get the right width of packing tape. Most will be 2” or 3” in width; the wider the tape, the better it is for a larger box.

Thickness is also very important. Cheaper packing tapes tend to be thinner and tear more easily. If you have a roll of tape that tears when you try to unpeel it from the roll, you may need to consider investing in a thicker roll of tape. Cheaper tape can be a false economy, as you are likely to have to use more of it.

– Lance Grooms