Choosing the best long distance moving company

Choosing the best long distance moving company

A long distance moving company is an absolute necessity for anyone moving to another state.  Any distance over 100 miles is generally considered to be long distance; therefore, a lot of moves fall within this category. Moving across state lines puts you automatically into a special pricing structure based on the distance and the total weight of the items that have to be moved.

Some movers might do their costing differently, with some charges differing depending on whether the long distance move is still within the same state, even if the actual distance is the same as a move going across state lines.  Different states also come with different regulations and laws, meaning that a moving company might have to charge more depending on the state it is moving to/from and a part of this equation is supply and demand based on the time of year you’re moving.  The busiest time for moving companies is April through August.

Something else to take into account when choosing a long distance moving company is how much it charges for packing.  Some moving companies might charge less for packing if they are also going to be handling the full move, while others may charge extra if they are being hired only to handle the packing and not the complete relocation.

Another element that may well have an impact on the price of hiring a long distance moving company is the nature of the home at both ends.  If an apartment or house does not have a large enough entry for the moving truck; there is an elevator involved; or there is a long distance between the front door and the closest parking area of the home the movers will have to manually move your goods further and the charges will be more.