Choosing the Right Time to Move Is Important. 5 Be …

Choosing the Right Time to Move Is Important. 5 Be …

If you’ve ever trekked through the unpredictable precipitation of winter, you know that it can be a serious struggle. As such, winter is very rarely an ideal time to move. Lugging boxes through slush, rain, sleet, and snow can be a dangerous for anyone. So, most people chose to move when the time is right – and that time is during the spring season. Now, it’s easy to associate spring with summer but when it comes to moving, the latter doesn’t have as many benefits as the prior. Here’s why moving in the spring is the best time of year to pack up shop and start a new chapter in a new home.

1. The Housing Market Is in Your Favor

Spring is the season for real estate. Since it’s the ideal time to move, many people are looking to buy and sell their properties. As such, you’ll have a higher likelihood of selling your home with the highest return on your investment. You’ll also have a better experience buying a new one, as many homes will be on the market. So, don’t miss the mark and list your home today so you can sell it and move all within the same season.

2. The Weather Is Cool, Comfortable and Safe

The best part about moving in the spring time is that the weather is cool, comfortable and safe. The winter is too cold and unpredictable and can lead to many slips and falls; the summer is too hot and can result in an exhausting day that can leave you ill, and the fall leads into winter which is no good either. As such, spring is perfect. The temperature is near perfect, and the worst-case scenario is a day with rain and a chilly breeze. All you need is a spring jacket that can be removed if you get too hot, some running shoes and light clothing. If moving isn’t your favorite thing to do, leave it for the professional movers.

3. Lower Cost for Professional Moving Services

While every company is different, spring tends to be the best season for savings. Spring is the beginning of the busy season and if you wait too long, moving companies will be overbooked and could charge a higher fee for booking during their peak season. As a rule of thumb, always plan your move ahead of time and book a moving truck and/or professional movers as soon as you know the date. This could save you significantly on moving costs but more importantly, it’ll make the moving process less stressful as you don’t have to worry about booking last minute.

4. Higher Chances of Getting What You Want from Professional Movers

With the prior said, moving during the spring gives you a higher likelihood that you’ll get the moving services you want and for the time period you need. If you wait until the last minute or worse, peak season, the truck size you need for the length of time and date you need it may be unavailable. As a result, you’ll be left scrambling for professional movers which may result in hiring a company that isn’t reputable. Since moving companies deal with your prized possessions, quality is very important. So, protect your move and experience by preparing ahead of time. Book moving services prior to summer and you’ll also benefit from the flexibility in scheduling.

5. Get in Your New House in Time for Summer

You’ll want to be in your house and enjoying your outdoor living space as soon as possible. If you wait until the summer time to move, you won’t get to enjoy the benefits of your new property. Moving in the spring ensures you have a full season to take advantage of the summer weather and your new backyard.

The benefits keep coming when you move during the spring time. So, start your spring cleaning today and prepare your house for the real estate market.